Building and maintaining customer loyalty through deep and meaningful relationships.


“Successful customer relationships
made through emotional connections”

A company that prioritizes its clients’ requirements and provides excellent customer service is one that consumers are loyal to in the long run. Successful companies understand that creating and nurturing a strong emotional connection with customers begins with an evaluation of their customer service and ends with a company-wide program built around insight, one where employees are rewarded for providing outstanding customer service.

We help enhance costumer services in the following ways:

  1. Exceed customers’ expectations
  2. Delight customers with each interaction
  3. Create an environment that makes the customer feel valued


“Precise segmentation and targeting
for the most effective ROI”

A company’s profitability drastically increases when it knows which are the most effective ways to reach its consumers. This knowledge eliminates wasteful budget spending, time spent on improperly targeted media campaigns, reduces risk, and helps retain customers.

We conduct consumer segmentation based on our PASS process:

  1. Prioritize key consumers and prospects, thus limiting waste and increasing efficiency.
  2. Assess the most effective channels of reaching your target group.
  3. Segment consumers and understand where and how marketing dollars are best spent.
  4. Secure your marketing efforts by integrating your own customer data with in-depth market and media data to move confidently from gaining insights to marketing action.


“Increase productivity by promising and
encouraging high morale

Research has proven that there is strong correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is important for the following reasons:

  1. Satisfied customers are partly a result of motivated and dedicated employees.
  2. Hiring cost, training cost, and lost productivity typically make up 20-25% of the average employee’s salary.
  3. Unsatisfied employees leave with valuable internal company knowledge.
  4. High employee turnover has a negative impact on customer service.


"The right price is achieved
via the right response"

An effective pricing strategy is the most powerful profit driver. Whether you’re looking to improve your bottom line through promotions, predict consumer response to growing categories, or adapt to increases in your COGS, you must anticipate the outcome accurately before you make a move.

In order to achieve meaningful and accurate insight, we reduce bias through the presentation of pricing scenarios in circumstances that are as contextually realistic as possible. In order to produce reliable price models, we avoid sensitizing respondents to the research objective.

HRG has developed a range of pricing research capabilities that accommodate a wide array of market environments and products. A key element of this exploratory research is to assess potential price points and pricing latitudes.

This is accomplished through quantitative price evaluation research, using either monadic (single-exposure) evaluations or comparative assessment evaluations that can incorporate laddering techniques or more elaborate conjoint-based choice modeling.


"Innovation and accuracy in services"

Innovation is a fundamental tool that is necessary to maintain a competitive advantage. However, the determination of the best idea and its flawless execution requires complete understanding of the emerging needs of the consumer and merging those needs based on how satisfied customer is with company.


We help consumers determine the best idea and its execution by providing a complete understanding of the emerging needs of the consumer and merging that with the existing satisfaction of the available brands.


"Build and maintain consumer loyalty
through deep and meaningful relationships"

Maintaining consumer relationships requires a retention strategy for each customer portfolio; or in the case of business customers, an individual strategy. These strategies need a thorough understanding of the stages of a consumer’s relationship with a company or product.

HRG helps companies understand how to reach consumers by building and maintaining consumer loyalty through deep and meaningful relationships.